Welcome to Hillview Preschool!

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    Hillview Parent Participation Preschool (PPP) is a licensed, non-profit organization that has been operating for over 55 years since 1960. We are a proud member of the Council of Parent Participation Preschools in British Columbia (CPPPBC).

    Play is the essence of our program. When children are free to follow their interests within an environment that supports and extends their exploration, learning happens.

    Our Philosophy
    • We encourage and support children's natural curiosity.
    • We believe in fostering the development of the whole child.
    • We believe in following an emergent curriculum based on the interests and passions of the children.
    • We believe in the importance of understanding, accepting and empowering all children.
    • We encourage the development of a healthy self-awareness and value inclusiveness, multiculturalism and respect for others.
    • We believe our preschool is enriched by the contributions of the families that are enrolled, and look forward to sharing your child's growing years.
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